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American Colonial Style Wood Moldings

Our goal is to simplify your selection process with these groups from our standard catalog.

American Colonial Style Wood Window Mouldings

American Colonial

The enduring appeal of these profiles creates and elegant atmosphere. In small spaces or large, the lines of this set will please you for generations to come.

Casing#Z275 , Base#65 , Crown#CS47 . Header#SR2, Picture Rail#CS103, Sill#LT901

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Economy Colonial

Economy ColonialThe vanilla of the moulding world, this combination is in homes of all means, sizes and shapes. If it's vanilla you need we manufacture ours from only select grades of lumber offering a smooth and straight moulding. All our mouldings are ready to finish so you will not need to plan on sanding more than touch up or spending time looking for a true board.

Casing#356, Base#623 , Crown#CS52 , Rosette Corner#B , Base Block#2

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