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Here at we order the highest grades of wood to ensure that each project receives the best possible quality in materials and in workmanship.

Top Quality Wood

Hardwood Information Center

The woods listed above are our main offerings, however, we may quote other woods based on avalilability. We are always happy to mill your wood as well.

Choosing a grade of wood is quite easy. As with any industry, you can expect to learn some new words. There are different words and standards for hardwoods than there are for softwoods.

Hardwoods are graded on how large the clear (knot free) area is. The top grade FAS ("face" = Firsts And Seconds) has the largest clear area, which is at least 5 1/2" wide and at least 8' long. purchases FAS or S&B (Select and Better) for all our mouldings and we see the results in the pleased comments of our customers. We also take great care to keep sharp knives which results in happy customers thanking us for trim that "needed almost no sanding." "Figured" means there is a patterned grain. Hardwood species like cherry, maple, birch and mahogany can be sorted into figured grades such as "birdseye" or "ribbon stripe". Highly figured selections are often used to make instruments or turnings. JJWohlferts rarely stocks figured grades. For hobbyists we do stock small quantities of #1Common (a lesser grade that is good for furniture making). Our #1Common is stocked as kiln dried rough boards. Other Rough stock may be purchased at our Fowler, Michigan location based on availability.

Hardwoods are sized by thickness using quarters of an inch; for example 1" thick is called "4/4" (four-quarter) and 1 1/2" is called "6/4" (six-quarter). The width and length is random and is measured by the "board foot": a measurement of volume. The board foot is used when selling rough (dried or undried) lumber and the linear foot is used when selling milled wood products.

Softwoods are graded "A" through "D": clear or knotty depending on the frequency of the knots, then on the tightness of the knots. Softwoods are sized strictly by thickness and width and length. Here at we make the process easier by only buying the clearest and best moulding grade (C grade) and by choosing premium Eastern White Pine. When we have requests for knotty pine we purchase the best moulding grade knotty pine, which means that the knots are small and tight. (D grade)

A "Linear foot" is simply the length regardless of the volume and a "Board foot" is 1" thick x 1' wide x 1' long. Dry hardwood lumber is between 6% and 8% moisture content. J.J.Wohlfert’s offers custom drying services on location and we offer planing, straight edging, milling, as well as staining and finishing services.

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