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Crown Molding Installation Tutorial Details

Professional Secrets to Great Crown Molding Miters

Crown Secrets

Even as a beginner You can have excellent results because You now have JJWohlferts Professional Secrets - for free. We think of this as a community service to the thousands of do-it-yourself carpenters we discovered were searching for Simple and Clear Basics.(FREE PDF Here Crown Installation Tutorial)

#1 Choose Your Tools:
Miter Saw - JJWohlferts Furniture Department uses this. Hand Saw & Miter Box - Little or no investment in tools.

TIP If this is the only woodworking you plan to do, we recommend a simple hand saw and miter box.
TIP Use JJWohlfert's Hardwood Crown Mouldings.
TIP Select a Short Piece of Crown as Your Test Run. You Will Quickly Catch On.

#2 Consistent Angle:
A Consistent Angle while Cutting is Essential to creating clean corners. One degree of shift in your angle while cutting means there could be a Two degree error in your corner.
TIP We Strongly Recommend Marking the Edges on the Fence and Table to Use as a Guide.

#3 Up-Side-Down:
Consider the Table to be the Ceiling and the Fence to be the Wall. Place the crown molding in the miter box with the bottom on the Fence as shown in the picture. Keeping the crown upside-down and on a consistant angle eliminates the headaches.
TIP Mark "TOP" on the back of all your trim Before cutting anything & write "TOP" on the table of the saw.

Crown Inside Corner Detail

Learn More About Cutting Miters

#4 Half the Angle:
Cutting: Now that the Crown Placement is Marked,
Set the Saw or Miter Box for half the angle of Your corner.
TIP (A 90 degree inside corner = 45 degree angle)

#5 Reverse and Opposite:
Setup the second length of crown in the saw. Remember to place it up-side-down.
Reverse the angle for the connecting piece of crown.
TIP (-45 degree angle)

#6 Pre-Drill:
When nailing best results are achieved by pre-drilling holes.
TIP An adhesive calk can be used to help hold the moulding while you nail it.

Crown IC Done

THE End: You're Welcome.

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Upside Down: Keeping the crown upside-down and on a consistent angle eliminates the headaches.

Multiple Cut Crown Moulding

Measure the angle Set your angle for 1/2 the corner angle. An angle finder and miter box are readily found at most hardware stores.

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