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Ebony Trim and Millwork

Other Types of Wood:
Cedar Trim | Cherry Trim | Chestnut Trim | Ebony Trim | Hickory Trim
Mahogany Trim | Maple Trim | Oak Trim | Pine Trim | Poplar Trim | Walnut Trim
other types of wood available upon request

Custom Ebony Millwork — Replicate hard-to-find profiles and utilize woods other than Oak or Poplar.

Product Catalog — PDF downloads available

Ebony Base MoldingEbony Trim for around floors

Ebony Board Stock — 3/4" thick, planed and sanded flat boards. They come in various standard widths. Custom sizes also available.

Ebony Block — Decorative Ebony Blocks where Ebony Base connects with Ebony Casing

Ebony Cap & Rail — Ebony Cap and rail add the finishing touch to any ebony trim project

Ebony Casing — Ebony Casing, Ebony Trim for Doors & Windows

Ebony Crown MoldingEbony Crown Molding and Ebony Trim around ceilings and the top of cabinets and tall furnishings

Ebony Door Trim — Ebony Casing, Ebony Trim for Doors & Windows

Historic RestorationCustom ebony molding and millwork for any historic restoration project

Miscellaneous Ebony Molding — Ebony Moldings that will fit nearly every need

Ebony Plinth Blocks — Large distinctive decorative ebony trim blocks

Ebony Window Trim — Ebony Casing, Ebony Trim for Doors & Windows

Ebony Wood Rosettes — Decorative Ebony Trim Blocks